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Since the beginning, Loving Arms Christian Preschool has based each decision on the principle that every single child is a valuable gift from God. Because of this, the purpose of Mt Calvary’s preschool has been and continues to be, to serve the families of Janesville and to provide a rich, Christ-centered environment that offers a positive child developmental program committed to the whole child – spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and emotional development.


With the institution of P4J, a free government provided preschool program, many parochial programs made the decision to accept government aid and therefore take Christ out of the curriculum. This leaves them unable to share the love of Jesus during conflict, discuss God’s creation during outside play, and pray before snacktime. We, however, believe strongly in incorporating our values, morals, and positive character building into every part of the day, and are not willing to sacrifice that for the sake of government funding.


We are proud and excited to offer one of the few remaining preschools that provide true, Christ-centered curriculum. Please click here to learn more about what we’re doing with our students, and find out more about our extraordinary program.